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“Commodities” are interchangeable goods or homogenous products. As artificial intelligence (AI) technology becomes ubiquitous, accessible, easier to use, and more affordable to all businesses, what implications does it have on competitive dynamics and strategy?

Courtesy: Serj Marco

Lessons from cloud computing foundational services

You don’t have to look too far back in time. Cloud computing isn’t that old, but…

The transformation of economic coordination systems, from corporations to distributed gig networks to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)

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Credit: Anna Magura

The rise of corporations as coordination mechanisms

Back in the 1800s, if you had told people that they’d be working for large multi-national corporations, they’d have called you crazy. Throughout (and even after) the industrialization in the US, most folks worked day-long jobs in local factories, textile mills, steel plants, oil derries, coal mines, etc. And it…

Great companies know their own identities inside and out. They focus on their core competencies and don’t pretend to be something they’re not.

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Credit: Krzysztof Nowak

It seems like every day, a new “tech” company is invented. Or re-invented. I can hardly tell the difference anymore. The amount of spin, marketing, and branding that goes into forcing a “tech” identity is dizzying at best. And at worst, it’s misleading, unproductive, and destructive.

Understanding Corporate Identity through the Relationship between Production and Consumption

The easiest way to…

A condensed and practical roadmap for startup fundraising.
Skip to: Part 2 — Fundraising Assets

Courtesy: Martin Schmetzer

Fundraising for your startup can be simultaneously exciting, nerve-racking, and even daunting. Aside from the mechanics of the term sheet, the negotiations, confronting rejection, and finally landing signatures, many (if not most) entrepreneurs actually have…

If you’re like me, you probably haven’t found a great purpose for your Macbook’s touch bar. But if you like to monitor the stock market, the touch bar seems like a convenient and fun little place to display a few of your favorite symbols and prices.

Display stock symbols in your Mac touchbar

With COVID-19 running rampant, it seems like everything is going bottoms up pretty fast. A lot of the turmoil is reflected in the stock market, so it might be wise to an eye on some of your favorites investments. Sure, you can use the side bar on your Mac or…

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